Wellness Corner

A regenerating walk in the enchantment of the Dolomites

Dolomitic Water Wellness Corner is a brand new and innovative concept. Wellness areas in the urban heart in which to live the tranquility and harmony of the mountain landscapes of Trentino.


The crystal-clear mountain water, with its mineral characteristics, combined with the dolomitic porphyry and a selection of enriched salts are at the centre, not only of the treatment programmes, but also of the visual, sensory and tactile experience of this new way of thinking aboutself-care.

Starting from design, creativity and style, the project fully conveys the concept of Made in Italy excellence.

A concept of well-being, where the spaces are inspired by the purity of the mountain water that blends harmoniously with the elements of the ancient rock. An alpine oasis surrounded by anthracite grey furniture reminiscent of porphyry, interspersed with elements in natural oak and fabrics in warm shades to resume the Alpine scenery.

The essential design and minimalist lines, highlights the combination of fabric and wood materials found in mountain huts. This composition combined with natural black iron gives a strong identity to the product. An intoxicating and synaesthetic experience where water is transformed from a pure element into a beauty product, awakening touch, sight and smell together.


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