These are the synthesis concepts of the Dolomitic Water wellness oases, where specific holistic and sensory paths are combined with the purity of the products used. A new approach to beauty and well-being.

Your corner of well-being in the heart of Turin


Located in the heart of Turin, a stone’s throw from the Gran Madre, Dolomitic Water Wellness Corner is a regenerating space inspired by the purity of the water of the Dolomites that blends harmoniously with the elements of the ancient rock.
A corner where you can breathe wellness and relax in harmony, where you can find your balance in a quiet and refined environment.

A corner where natural products and skilled craftsmanship transmit and rekindle in our body a new physical and mental energy.
Thanks to the light and delicate texture and the discreet scent of mountain flowers, each Dolomitic Water treatment offers a precious moment to reconcile with your body, where the primordial combination of “water and stone” becomes the fulcrum of an inimitable wellness experience that evokes a “regenerating walk in the enchantment of the Dolomites”.

Face and body treatments



Holistic massages
Foot reflexology
Sports massages
Radio frequency for face and body
Manicure – Pedicure
Traditional aesthetics




for sensitive and dehydrated skin, with a moisturizing mask based on Vitamin E and Calendula Officinalis extract.



for dull and tired skin, with apricot seed scrub and liposomal mask.


Antiox and LiftUp


strengthens the connective tissue and firms the volumes of the face thanks to the edelweiss action.



for skin regeneration, with enzymatic peeling, mask based on apple stem cells and serum with high concentration of vitamin C.



for combination and oily skin, with enzymatic peeling and purifying mask based on tea tree.




deep cleansing for young skin with impurities, with serum with a high concentration of Vitamin C, tea-tree mask and moisturizing cream.





Sweet exfoliation with apricot seed scrub with moisturizing and purifying effect.


Drenax Plus with Salt


for legs and abdomen: lymphatic drainage massage preceded by a basic salt pack, against water retention and cellulite.

Power Tone


reactivates the blood microcirculation, dissolving muscle contractures and restoring tissue elasticity

After Sport


massage with products based on arnica, devil’s claw and vitamin E. It accelerates the disposal of fatigue, promoting the drainage of toxins, improving blood circulation and oxygenation of tissues.

Pure Relax


based on essential oil Feeling in infusion of warm oil, relieves muscle tension by transmitting a real and perceived feeling of well-being.




adapts to specific needs, with the application of different techniques according to individual needs.



improves lymphatic circulation, draining stagnant liquids and counteracting water retention. Particularly suitable for pregnant women.

Walking on clouds

massage concentrated on the lower limbs. Excellent for those who suffer from localized water retention, circulation problems, swelling and heaviness in the legs. Good support for pregnant women.

Back Up

connective tissue massage, useful for chronic pain and contractures.




DBR (Deep Body Reconnection massage)

It favors the release of tensions, induces a new lightness and psychophysical liberation, involving body-mind-soul. Edited by Luisella Maneesha Magnani, holistic operator certified by ASICS CONI and Berkeley Institute of California. During a formative stay in Arizona, she was initiated by a Native American shaman, who left her as a gift the deep and magical silence that accompanies her practice.


Foot reflexology


through the stimulation and compression of specific reflex points on the feet, energetically related to organs and apparatus, exerts a preventive action and intervention on any imbalances in the body. Curated by Bruna Caula, who has been working in the field of wellness for over 25 years, specialising in foot reflexology, Master’s Degree in Kinesology, Cromosoundhealing and Touch Emotion.

Radio frequency for face and body

guarantees skin rejuvenation, skin toning and firming, vasodilation and drainage, with visible results from the first sessions thanks to the restoration of cellular activity and the increase in the production of elastin and collagen fibres. Technology by FISIOLINE RADIANT BEAUTY.

ONYRICON – Sleep therapy

involves all the senses in depth, stimulating the nervous system in a natural way and inducing a state of deep calm, well-being and psychophysical tranquility. By acting along the meridians on points connected to the sleep/wake rhythm, it progressively relaxes all muscle groups, regulating energy flows and thus improving the quality of sleep.


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