Arnica moisturizing tonic

Moisturizing tonic soothing with arnica, alcohol-free, suitable for all skin types and in particular for sensitive ones with a tendency to redness.

Size: 200ml


Un delicato tonico idratante all’arnica senza alcool, che rinfresca e leviga la pelle, restituendo il PH naturale. The mix of moisturizing and regenerating active ingredients guarantees protection and gives a pleasant sensation of freshness: the extract of arnica montana has astringent properties, strengthens and elasticizes the capillaries, alleviating the signs of couperose. Oat proteins are highly moisturizing and perform an effective film-forming and humectant action.

How to use
Gently tap with a soaked cotton ball.

aqua. glycerin. Arnica montana flower extract. hydrolyzed oat protein. sodium PCA. polyglyceryl-6 caprylate. polyglyceryl-4 caprate. xanthan gum. phytic acid. benzyl alcohol. dehydroacetic acid. parfum.


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