Spa d’Altitude


From the primordial union of water and stone, from the synthesis of harmony and energy, the new concept of Spa d’Altitude. A “natural laboratory” for 360° wellness, an experience in which the search for beauty is combined with the purity of the products used.



Architecture, art and nature. The environment is developed through paths with connotations unique, characterized by original sculptures that draw inspiration from nature. A pure and minimal design for a place where you can treat yourself to precious moments of relaxation.

Nature is the undisputed protagonist of this concept: the freshness of mountain water and the strength of stone, a combination that combines purity with energy, a thousand-year-old testimony of natural evolution. Primary materials reproduced in rarefied spaces where you can let yourself be pervaded by a feeling of total regeneration.

A wonderful world of water, steam and aromas, a sophisticated and elegant environment that transports guests to the Spa d’Altitude in the heart of the Dolomites, in the enchantment of the unspoilt mountain landscape, away from the stress of everyday life.

The delicate and light texture of Dolomitic Water products contributes to live an experience of excellence, 100% Made in Italy.



Our team of architects, planners and consultants ensures competence and continuity. We are attentive to market trends to offer innovation, new materials and technologies. A continuous research that guarantees functionality and long life to the project.

The philosophy of Dolomitic Water is based on respect for ecology and harmonious integration with the surrounding environment.