A refined and persistent fragrance, with amber oriental tones. An unusual and complex composition to gently scent every space of the house.

Pack: 250ml


Perfume for environments with refined olfactory suggestion, an intriguing and persistent fragrance with amber oriental tones. You can immediately perceive the delicate notes of bergamot head and peach with their fresh vibrations that free the mind and relax the senses and evolve in to the elegant and enveloping heart notes of the vanilla essence whose scent evokes exotic and distant lands. Finally, the warm and soft notes of sandalwood tail and myrrh come.

Relaxing, rebalancing and harmonizing.

How to
Remove the outer silver cap and the inner plastic seal, reposition the silver cap on the neck of the bottle and dip the woods in the fragrant solution. To brighten the scent, flip the rattan woods, after cleaning with a cloth the dry ends to avoid dust at the base of the package.

Prudence advice
Keep out of children’s reach – Keep away from heat sources/sparks/free flames – Wash your hands thoroughly after use – Avoid eye contact.


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